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Skittles & Iced Tea

food is bae.

heyy i love you for coming here

im a senior in high school!!! :P i like watching movies at home rather then watching it at a movie theatre, my fav shows include teen wolf, 90210 and i recently got hooked to this crazy dramatic reality show called mrs. eastwood 

i like to stay above the influence but occasionally slip.. im only human

i love God but sometimes our relationship can get a little shaky i dont always understand his plan for me and sometimes what i want isnt the best thing for me

i love meeting new people and talking so feel more then free to talk to me also check out my inspirational blog (link on the side) if youre ever having a rough day i go on there sometimes to cheer me up

i love to watch sports like soccer and basketball 


im single (and straight) btw ;) haha

i wanna have a tumblr gf/bf sooo hmu .. ya you ;)

if you want me to follow you please dont say “follow me” just ask to check out your blog :)

bye beautiful or sexy if youre a guy

i doubt that youre a guy…. but dont wanna discriminate :)

i have a twitter and instagram  just ask :)